Sunday, August 26, 2012


Both Derek and Lucy had birthdays in the past few weeks..... Derek on the 23rd of July and Lucy...well, today!! We can't believe how much they have grown and it is so fun to see them explore and discover the world around them. For Dereks birthday, (big 3) we started off the morning with green Mickey Mouse pancakes, which he loved helping me make.
We met Dad at Dereks favorite place for lunch. Derek LOVES Dairy Keen. AKA the choo choo place. He could stay and play with the train table all day if we let him. Then we had a party at Grandma and Grampa Atwoods house. He chose a Thomas the train cake, and somehow, by the end of the night, the train ended up crashed into his plate of cake.
He had so much fun, and added to his collection of trains of cars. I'd say he made off well. HaPy BiRtHdAy DeReK!! We love you!! For Lucys birthday today, it was a little different being on a sunday. So we slept in and Derek said that she wanted oatmeal for breakfast, so that's what we made. We got ready for church, opened presents and we were off to church.
After church we went to Grandma Dede and grandpa Boyds house and had a party. Lucy loved the cake that mom made!! And she was spoiled with presents :)
Happy 1st birthday Lou Lou. We love you sweet girl.

Friday, December 16, 2011