Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Keith, Derek and I had a blast this Halloween! It all started with keith running a halloween half marathon.

Keith did better than he had expected. He was hoping to get under 2 hours and he out did himself a a whopping 1 hour 48 min. Great Job Keith!!
Derek had a great time playing with grandma and grandpa in the truck while we were waiting to see Keith.

Then my Mom and Dad took us out to lunch at Five Guys. Talk about Yummy. Thanks Mom and Dad!!
After some much needed naps that afternoon, Derek went trick or treating with his cousins Shaylee and JayDen.

Then We had to go see Dereks cousin Maty.

Derek Wasn't sure what to think of the whole Maty being a zombie thing.
Then we went to grandma and grandpas house and the took him to a few houses trick or treating too. By this time, Derek had it down. He had so much energy for the rest of the night. He loved it!! (and of course by the time we got there, the battery had died in the camera so no pics.)
All in all, we had a great day.We absolutely can't wait until next year!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Derek turns ONE...over a month ago

We're a bit past due on our post. Here's a catch up of things that have happened lately. On July 23, Derek had his first birthday. Derek had a few crumbs of his cake but otherwise wasn't interested in it. He learned to walk a couple of weeks ago and is becoming quite the quarterback. I'm very impressed with his throwing arm. The pics on this post consist of Derek's birthday and summer activities.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lowther Family Reunion

Keiths family got together up at the Heber Valley Girls Camp. What startd out as a three day weekend adventure, for us, turned into a day of fun followed by another. Derek was throwing up pretty much everything he ate. Despite derek not feeling well, and the continous throw up incidents, we had a good time. Here's what went on...... We did some obstacle courses that required teamwork and trust that were a lot of fun. We had to relate what we learned to the gospel. There was a zip line, but in order to reach it, we had to climb a 20 foot pole and make our way across another pole at the top. There were cabins that had bunk beds to sleep at night, but with dereks throw up mess, we didn't stay.
This was the favorite part.. at the time it wasn't....but looking back, I'm glad we did it. There was this giant swing. They harnessed us up and hooked us to a rope that pulled us up more than 30 feet to a tree, and then we let go of the rope, and.. well.. we swung!! Talk about adreinaline rush!! (I tried to put a video on ,but for some reason, it didn't work :(

Derek watching Dad on the swing Keith cooking dinner on the grill.
We had like a three minute car ride from the swing back to camp, and Derek fianly fell asleep on the short way there. He was exhausted! Keith saw a doe and her fawn in our camp It was a fun trip and we were so glad to see Keiths family. It will sure be one to remember!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Pictures

Thanks to parker my little brother, we got some GREAT new family pictures... Here they are!!

These were just a few of the many awesome pictures we got. (I don't have time to upload ALL of my favorites)
Thanks Parker!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

10 months old!!

It's amazing how time has just flown by. Keith and I look at Derek and we can't beleive how much he has grown and developed. Each day has something new in store.

Derek has many milestones in the past few months. He has two teeth, and two more on the way, he pulls himself up, claps, and waves! He has become a little more rambunctious, and we have noticed he has come out of his shell just in the past few days. He'll move everything around the room from one side to the other, and he bangs on things, and he tries to sing! We love you Derek!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HaPpY bIrThDaY dAd!!!!

Dear Dad,
You are the best dad in the whole world. I love it when you cuddle with me (especially when it is really dark and early). You make me giggle when you make funny faces at me.. I laugh just to make you do it more. I hope you have the best birhday, thanks for spending it with me. I love you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Happy Easter. Thanks Easter bunny! It was also Heidi's birthday, and Derek loved the frosting off her cupcake. messy face!! Derek and Daddy easter egg hunting at Grandma and Grandpa Atwoods house Daddy made Derek a newspaper hat during conference... ...and this is what it looked like a few minutes later! Derek and Daddy dying Easter eggs. I'm hungy!!