Monday, February 16, 2009

We get to find out what our baby is on March 9th!! I had a checkup last friday, and we listened to the heartbeat again, and the Dr. said that the baby's heart rate was on the higher end of the scale, and if the wives tales have it right, we may be having a girl. Now, we're not counting on this, but we'll just have to see on the 9th. We'll keep everyone posted. Everything else looked good, and things are still going smoothly!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi there everyone! We are finally up to date with the blogging world! It's about time huh? Ha ha. We are so excited, because in about 4 or 5 weeks we get to find out what our baby is!! We can hardly wait. We have no feelings about what it is either way, but it will be nice that we don't have to call the baby "it" or ..."the baby"... We can hardly wait to decorate the nursery either. Once we find out, it will be a free for all shopping :). Heidi is due on the 24th of July, so it might be a holiday baby!
Keith is enjoying his second year of teaching the 4th grade. He is so good at it, and he loves it. He has a student teacher in his classroom (which is awesome for only being a second year teacher). He doesn't have to prepare to many lessons, because that's what she is there for. He is loving it.
He is preparing to run a half marathon in April. He is working hard at getting ready, and it sure is showing, keith is looking great!!
Heidi is still doing hair. she is trying to get it up and running from her house, but, it's a slow process. Hopefully by the time the baby is born, she can stay at home and be busy enough there to not have to go back to work in Park City.
Life is going by fast, but it's going great. Hope everyone is doing well!!