Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I have updated our blog. I don't promise to be better at it , but with spring and summer coming I'm sure we will have more to blog about.
Derek is growing so fast. He is FINALLY in the 30th percentile for his height and is FINALLY even on the chart for his weight. Even if it is below the 5th percentile, at least he is on the chart. We were very pleased when we heard the Doctor say this.
He seems like he is trying to copy cat more and more words every day. He still has his own language and at least he knows what he is talking about, but slowly we are beginning to understand him.
I am so grateful for Keith. He has been so so so busy these past few months and is juggling everything as well as can be expected. He has worked so hard and I am proud of him.
As most of you know, we are expecting again in August. We are so excited because we know just how rewarding having kids can be. Everything has been going well so far, and as i leave behind my 1st trimester, I am feeling so much better. Good ridance to that first few months. Keith has been a wonderful help (when he's here) and I know it will get better from here.
As you can see everything is going well at the Lowther house, and we can't wait to get out of the cold and snow in a few weeks. We are going to escape to St. George for a few days for a much needed break. Just to be together in the sun and (hopefully) warm weather.