Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Keith, Derek and I had a blast this Halloween! It all started with keith running a halloween half marathon.

Keith did better than he had expected. He was hoping to get under 2 hours and he out did himself a a whopping 1 hour 48 min. Great Job Keith!!
Derek had a great time playing with grandma and grandpa in the truck while we were waiting to see Keith.

Then my Mom and Dad took us out to lunch at Five Guys. Talk about Yummy. Thanks Mom and Dad!!
After some much needed naps that afternoon, Derek went trick or treating with his cousins Shaylee and JayDen.

Then We had to go see Dereks cousin Maty.

Derek Wasn't sure what to think of the whole Maty being a zombie thing.
Then we went to grandma and grandpas house and the took him to a few houses trick or treating too. By this time, Derek had it down. He had so much energy for the rest of the night. He loved it!! (and of course by the time we got there, the battery had died in the camera so no pics.)
All in all, we had a great day.We absolutely can't wait until next year!!